An Introduction to Regenerative Therapies

By Dr. Lisa Barr
Prolotherapy: Of the host of regenerative therapies, Prolotherapy is considered by most to be the “original” regenerative solution and for many years was our “go to solution.” Prolotherapy solution consists of a concentrated solution of sugar water and local anesthetics, as well as other substances that when injected stimulates a very localized inflammatory response that signals the body to heal itself. This solution also promotes tightening of lax connective tissue often seen in chronic or recurrent sprains and degenerative conditions. By improving joint stability, we can reduce abnormal loading forces around the joints and avoid activating “alarm cells” called mechanoreceptors which cause more pain and result in abnormal compensatory movement patterns. Over time, the domino effect of joint instability can result in irreparable changes to the bone structure of the joint, often leaving surgery as the only treatment option. Thus, Prolotherapy provides a unique service to the body and will be around for a long time to come.  Read More


Regenerative Medicine for Tennis Elbow

By David Levi M.D.
Tennis elbow is a troubling condition, not just for athletes, but for many individuals struggling with elbow pain. Tennis elbow occurs when the tendon which attaches to the outside part of the elbow mildly degenerates and develops small tears. This tendon attaches to the top forearm muscles which lift your wrist and fingers. Activation of these muscles will transmit forces through the degenerated tendon and cause pain. Simple activities such as turning a key or lifting a carton of milk can cause pain when the tendons of the elbow become worn.   Read More

Regenerative Medicine for Hip Pain

by David Levi, M.D.
Platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate for hip pain

Regenerative medicine is expanding rapidly in the area of joint pain treatment. Through the use of harvested growth factors and stem cells from the patient’s own blood and bone marrow, regenerative medicine assists the body’s healing process. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a growth factor concentration of the patient’s own blood and bone marrow concentrate (BMC), as the name implies, is derived from the patient’s own bone marrow. BMC has a great quantity of growth factors like PRP, but it also contains a high number of the patient’s stem cells. Growth factors and stem cells are your body’s key to repairing itself.  Read more