PrimePATIENT® Portal

We are very pleased to announce our newest innovation to make communicating with APM easier than ever; a secure and encrypted web portal for easy e-mail access between patients and the practice. The PrimePATIENT® Portal will allow patients to communicate directly with the practice through a secure web portal. Individuals who sign up will be sent an e-mail invitation to open an account. The e-mail will contain a link to the PrimePATIENT® site. Once there, you will be asked to answer some basic questions to confirm your identity. Once confirmed, you’ll be given access to the portal, through which appointments and prescriptions may be requested and a message may be sent to the provider or the provider’s assistant.

Further benefits of the portal are in development, so stay tuned. Soon, patients will be able to enter information directly into the site and it will be inserted into their chart. Also, the patient will be able to open and view their chart documents from the site.


As always, APM welcomes our patient’s comments and insightful feedback regarding our services.

Now there is another way to communicate: Use the PrimePATIENT® Portal!


Click here for a brochure explaining how it works.

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