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Our Prescription Policy

How can I get prescription refills?

Your doctor’s medical assistant will process any refill requests before you leave our office. In addition, you may also call the main office and leave a message for the medical assistant. If someone is picking up your prescription for you, an Authorization for Release of Prescription has to be completed in order for the prescription to be released.

What should I do when I am starting to run low?

For locally filled prescriptions, call us no fewer than three business days before your medication will run out. For mail-order prescriptions, be sure to call 14 days before your medication will run out.

Whom should I phone to get my prescription refilled?

Your doctor’s medical assistant has access to your chart with all updated information. He or she will research whether or not you are eligible for a refill at this time, then request authorization from your doctor on your behalf.

Why must I call three (3) days in advance?

It is important to allow three business days to process your request. Because your medical chart has to be accessed (and we have multiple locations), the medical assistant needs time to access your chart so it can be reviewed by your physician, and time to call in the prescription to your pharmacy.

After three (3) days, please contact your pharmacy for the filled prescription. If there is a problem at that time, please call our office to inquire, and it will be resolved. We will contact you if there is a problem with refilling your prescription.

When can I reach my doctor’s medical assistant?

Your doctor’s medical assistant will retrieve all phone messages during normal business hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday).

What if it has been more than six months since my last visit?

In that case, you will need to schedule a visit with your doctor before more medication can be prescribed.

What if another doctor prescribed a medication and I need a refill?

Unless the physician sends us a written request for transfer, you will have to contact that doctor to authorize any refills.

Do you have an opioid prescribing policy that patients must sign?

Yes. This is required to be signed by all patients, and the contract is strictly enforced. To see our full policy, please click on the link below. Opioid Prescribing Policy

Why are there restrictions on refilling opioid/narcotic medications?

For your protection, strict federal laws control the distribution of all medications containing narcotics. For example:

  • You cannot get a refill until your current prescription is expired. If you call after your prescription has run out, it will take up to three days to process your request, so please plan ahead.
  • Some opioid/narcotic medications require an original written prescription. You can pick it up at our office. We cannot phone these prescriptions in to your pharmacy.
  • You will need to see your doctor every 30 days.